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So Kirsty Nicole!
Who is she and what is she all about?

Well, by day a Project Manager/Business Analyst in a top-tier Investment Bank in the City (London), predominantly working on IT Projects around Swap trading! Yawn!!!

This is of course a way of keeping the grey matter a bit active as well as earning a few pennies to fund her real ambition:


This website is a virtual showcase of Kirsty Nicole as a Singer/Songwriter. This gives a complete view of her experience from when it all began to what is currently the main focus of her vocal career.

At a glance, experience covers:
Over 120 forms of performance
3 Record company showcases with previous pop band Word On The Street (WOTS).
10 radio interviews and performances
10 Party in the Park performances
37 recording sessions
3 UK arena tours
6 other prestigious tours
31 other individual live solo performances
13 live TV shows
9 musical theatre performances

A Catalogue of vocal recordings
Over 40 completed recorded original tracks covering many styles:
Dance / Rock / RnB / Country / Blues / Pop

Many cover songs sung at events which, given the original artist, demonstrate her vocal technical ability:
Mariah Carey
Aretha Franklin
Diana Ross
Whitney Houston
Shania Twain

Currently her focus is writing and co-producing her own album. Check out the tracks for her latest album on the Music page, under KN Latest Album.


Kirsty Nicole

Vocal Curriculum Vitae

2006 - 2008 : KN Latest Album.
Wrote and co-produced a selection of tracks with a highly talented Singer / Songwriter / Producer / Musician, Phil Watts.
These can be found on the Music page under KN Latest Album.

2006 : Star EFX
Auditioned and was successful in being selected as one of the main cast in a Sunday night variety show, housed in London's west end. 8 weekends of rehearsals, to routine up scenes from Miss Saigon, Lion King, My Fair lady as well as Dance routines and Solo vocal performances covering classic songs by the likes of Tina Turner, Whitney Houston and Frank Sinatra.
More on this on the Star EFX page.

2005 : KN Classics
Wrote and co-produced a selection of tracks with the DJ, Dance Producer, Sam Gillet.
These can be found on the Music page under KN Classics.

2003 - 2004 : ZENITH Cafe Records
A Record deal with a small new record label to record and release 2 albums. This unfortunately did not work out, simply due to the fact that nothing ever really got released from the label. This was despite the immensely talented selection of talented acts with tracks all recorded and ready to go.
However, although it turned out to be a little less successful than originally thought, the experience was invaluable! Recorded and worked with some incredibly talented musicians, in all styles with numerous producers, including a prestigious Italian producer. This enabled me to spend weeks at a time recording in the Legurian mountains in Italy! My most valuable experience was realising and developing the style that I am now writing my album in.
Tracks from this experience can be found on the Music Page.

2000 - 2001 : WOTS (Word On the Street, 5 piece mixed Pop band)
Sung Lead in the pop band "Word On the Street" (WOTS) on the Smash Hits Arena Tour, the T.V. Hits tour, the 911 U.K. Arena tour, the B*Witched U.K. Arena tour, the Nickelodeon Tour, the Live & Kicking Tour, the Disney Channel Tour, and have performed alongside bands such as Westlife, FIVE, SClub7, STEPS and The Atomic Kittens, in many Summer concerts (Party in the Park, etc).
One of the many amazing experiences was performing at Wembley, bouncing onto the stage, vocal ad-libing to thousands of hyped up teenagers!!
So many photo shoots, including Lee Jeans modelling. TV and radio interviews, one after the other.
With WOTS, I was part of a multi-record Label Showcase, out of which came a few offers. However they were only for me as a solo singer, the 3 girls as a band, or myself and one of the guys as a duo!!! Unfortunately out of loyalty our managers never took any of these opportunities!!
More info on this can be found on the WOTS page.

For an entire back catalogue from the first Karaoke performance, take a look at the Performances page.

NYT Member (Played in an NYT ball alongside Gary Barlow)
NYTW Member
Played in Plays and Musicals in theatres in Cardiff and London, and performed through a season in the Edinburgh fringe festival.
The usual panto, school plays and competitions!
Ok - so not quite tall enough for Catwalk (But closer than Kylie!)
Photo Shoots for Lee Jeans promotion.
Amateur Catwalk on various occasions.
Photo shoots for Photographers' portfolios.

Tons of WOTS promotion.
Numerous Live Solo performances

Modern street dances. Continually, learning new routines whilst a member of WOTS.
Tap, Jazz, Ballroom and Jazz dancing in the various musicals I have been in!
Choreographed and performed numerous Gymnastic Floor routines, for many different shows.
Toured Scotland in "The World Folk Festival" performing traditional Welsh Clog dance routines!!

Other Bits!!
Just the other stuff that it might be worth knowing about!!!
Degree in Maths!
Have run in the London Marathon and various half marathons.
Reached the very top level as a competitive swimmer. Intensive daily swimming training, Welsh Record holder, titles in many British & European competitions, captained Welsh youth squad.
Quite a crafty person. (in the creative sense of course!)
A painter, a potter, a clothes designer and jewellery maker!


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